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Hit Steam Game Includes Secret Designed Only For Dataminers To Discover

Remnant II, a new Souls-like shooter developed by Gunfire Games, contains a lot of secrets, including a whole, completely hidden player class. But, twist: The devs hid it so well that only dataminers would ever find it. And they just did.

Released earlier this month, Remnant II has become one of the most popular games on Steam thanks to its tight combat and Soulslike gameplay. While its launch has been a bit messy due to performance issues, an upcoming patch should help improve on what is already one of 2023’s best games. But another reason Remnant II is doing so well is that the RPG shooter is chockablock with hidden secrets, with the game’s devs suggesting it has “secrets within secrets within secrets” that players have yet to find. One of these hidden treats is the secret Archon class, which has a strange list of requirements to unlock, so much so that it’d be nearly impossible for someone to stumble upon the solution naturally. You’d have to be incredibly lucky…or a dataminer, which was all part of the developers’ plans.

As spotted by Forbes, on July 28 Remnant II’s principal designer Ben Cureton tweeted about the secret, saying that players needed to “penetrate the code itself” to unlock the hidden class.

“We knew we couldn’t stop datamining,” tweeted Cureton, “so we leaned into it and created an entire Archetype that could be shared with the community once revealed by those with the ability to see between worlds.”

In other words, the steps needed to unlock the class were buried in the game, and once dataminers found it, they could share that info with everyone, letting all players access the secret class.

How to unlock the Archon class in Remnant II

If you were wondering how you unlock the new class, here are the steps courtesy of dataminers. First, you’ll need to level up two other classes and gather some items, then equip them all. Here’s the full list of stuff you need to do:

  • Level the Invader Archetype to 5 with the Worm Hole skill activated.
  • Level the Explorer Archetype to 10 with the Fortune Hunter skill activated.
  • Equip Leto’s Amulet.
  • Equip Amber Moonstone ring.
  • Equip Anastasija’s Inspiration ring.
  • Equip Zania’s Malice ring.
  • Equip the Black Cat Band ring.
  • Wear the Realmwalker armour.
  • Equip Ford’s Scattergun primary.
  • Equip the Cube Gun secondary.
  • Equip the Labyrinth Staff melee weapon.
  • Equip the Void Heart relic.

Once you have all this equipped, head to the corrupted door found in the Labyrinth. There, you’ll discover a Strange Box engram in the Backrooms. And that’s your ticket to gaining access to this uniquely hidden class.

For a game that is filled with secrets—in a genre that is also famous for hiding stuff and obfuscating information—it’s a really cool way to reward the most dedicated fans while also still keeping all of your playerbase involved.

People are going to datamine your video game. It’s 2023. That’s just what happens. You can be angry about it, you can bemoan the spoilers or wish it wasn’t the case, but none of that changes the fact that nowadays there is an army of expert dataminers out there waiting to pull your game and all of its updates apart, piece by piece. You can fight it, as some devs have done, or you can embrace it, like Gunfire Games has done here with this hidden class.

Personally, I think it’s a lot cooler to embrace dataminers and reward (or troll) them. Letting these players then share new, hidden knowledge with the rest of the community makes it so everyone feels involved and a part of something bigger. Good shit all around.

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