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Hogwarts Legacy Player Accidentally Turns Their Character Into Sonic the Hedgehog


  • A Hogwarts Legacy player accidentally transformed their character into a spinning ball of energy resembling Sonic the Hedgehog, creating a hilarious result.
  • The transformation occurred while attempting a dodge roll with an Emote mod, causing the character to be permanently locked in the dodging animation.
  • While this accident showcases the challenges of creating mods for large games, it also adds to the fun and exploration players can have in Hogwarts Legacy.



A Hogwarts Legacy player accidently turned their character into something that resembles Sonic the Hedgehog in mid-spin, and the results are hilarious. The action RPG set in the Wizarding World has given Harry Potter fans the chance to learn and practice lots of different magic. From Charms to Potions to flying, there’s no shortage of skills to master. Hogwarts Legacy players can even learn transformation magic from ther Transfiguration professor.

Of course, some gamers wanted even more in the experience and began developing and installing mods to modify or completely change the game. Some provide minor cosmetic enhancements while others, like a Hogwarts Legacy mod that improves the dialogue system, are more substantial in nature. One fan, however, recently discovered that combining the game’s magic with some mods can lead to unexpected results.

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During a playthrough of Hogwarts Legacy, a gamer going by pastadudde on Reddit managed to turn their character into a spinning ball of energy that can only be described as an imitation of Sonic the Hedgehog while he’s rolling. The transformation appeared to be permanent, with pastadudde managing to move around the world and even be recognized by NPCs while maintaining the strange form.

This may initially appear to be a use of transfiguration, but as pastadudde explains, it’s merely a result of attempting a dodge roll while simultaneously using an emoji provided by an Emote mod. It seems that using the dodge roll while emoting caused the character to become locked in the dodging animation which involves briefly turning into a ball of energy and rapidly teleporting to a new location. With that appearance locked, the hero of Hogwarts Legacy ended up roaming the highlands as a spinning ball.

This accident is certainly amusing, but it also highlights the challenges of creating mods for large, complex games and the issues that can arise when implemented. There are lots of great mods available, including a mod that Hogwarts Legacy players should definitely check out, but gamers should also be cautious and be sure to save before applying any changes.

Spinning hedgehog may not be among the overpowered builds of Hogwarts Legacy, but it is fun to watch for a while. Some fans will, no doubt, want to grab the Emote mod to see if they can replicate this effect. Others may be inspired to see what others way they can break the game and give their character a strange appearance. However they choose to play, Hogwarts Legacy clearly has lots more to offer gamers as they go for subsequent playthrough and explore the titular castle and its surroundings.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PC, PS4,PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch on November 14, 2023.

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