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Relationships Improve For 5 Zodiac Signs The Week Mars Enters Aquarius On February 13

“Love is a rebellious bird that nobody can tame.” – V. Rossi. When it comes to love, the universe often asks you to be willing to break all the rules.

This doesn’t mean behaving in ways that are inauthentic for you or that are illegal — but only that you realize when it comes to love, nothing else really matters.

To be a warrior for love means that you are honoring this incredible, intense feeling of connection and desire above all else simply because you know in your very soul that you are worthy of it.  

The energy of Aquarius helps you focus on what is important to you and, at times, what may be of benefit to all of those involved in your life.

This is the understanding that sometimes staying in an unhappy relationship isn’t actually for the best, especially if it asks you to compromise your truth or needs.

This can also help you forge ahead to heal any recent challenges by focusing on what matters most and believing in love once again, giving you the power to act bravely.  

Mars shifts into Aquarius on Tuesday, February 13 and is joined by Venus on February 16. 

This brings the celestial lovers Mars and Venus into Aquarius, joining Sun, Pluto and Mercury and creating a powerful stellium from February 16 – 18, which holds an immense amount of power to help you channel your inner rebel and transform your love life.

Use this energy to honor what you most want from love and a relationship, and don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of following your heart right into the romantic bliss you’ve always deserved.  

Relationships improve for five zodiac signs when Mars enters Aquarius this week:

1. Leo  

(July 23 – August 22) 

Pay attention to your romantic desires in the week of February 12 because the stars align in your house of love. Aquarius energy rules over love, romance, and relationships. As the celestial lovers shift into this air sign, followed by the powerful stellium, there are fated moments on the horizon for you.  

Part of your work romantically has been to honor what you want from love, even if it challenges the status quo. Instead of choosing a lover based on how well you look together or the type of life you create, it really comes down to you allowing yourself to create whatever relationship truly aligns with your truth.

This may mean you might be drawn to an expected partner or a past ex. You might want to create a more nontraditional relationship where marriage or living together full-time is taken off the table. The magic in this Aquarius energy is that you are given the power and confidence to create the love you have always wanted finally. 

Sometimes, in relationships, there can be a difference between what you want versus what you need. In the week of February 12, with the push from Aquarius, you will get to find a balance of both, realizing you never needed to sacrifice needs or wants but instead finally honor your inner truth.

There is no one way to have an incredible relationship, nor is there any standard you should feel judged by when it comes to love. Listen to yourself and let yourself take a chance on what you’ve always wanted —  you just may find what you’ve always needed as well.  

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2. Cancer  

(June 21 – July 22) 

Although you may still be wiping off the dust of your past, there are incredible moments of new beginnings arriving the week of February 12. Pluto has been influential in your chart as it moved through the final degrees of Capricorn as it prepared to shift into Aquarius.

This means that for much of last year, you were feeling the effects of the final degree of Capricorn, which proved to be begrudgingly difficult. But the energy has shifted now, and with this Aquarius energy, you are being urged toward the new and not letting the past affect the decisions you make now.  

Pluto and the Sun first shifted into Aquarius on January 20. Still, now as Mercury, Mars and Venus begin to dance through this air sign, creating a dynamic stellium, you are being reminded to put your focus into the creation of what you want your life to be. Aquarius energy dominates your house of transformation, intimacy, and second-life partners. If you’ve recently become single or moved through a challenging era in your relationship — help and positive changes are on the way.  

Pluto’s experience in Capricorn was challenging, but that is not your life anymore. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can start making the most of this amazing energy for yourself. With so much Aquarian energy surrounding you right now, focus your attention on healing an existing relationship through quality time, deep conversations, and reviewing the previous agreements you’ve made together.

This energy can also bring about a divine meeting with a new partner and help you learn to prioritize your happiness with greater zest. This is the start of a brand-new chapter of your life. While you shouldn’t feel like you must rush, you must also let yourself take advantage of the amazing opportunities for romantic connection that arrive with the stellium in Aquarius, February 16-18.  

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3. Scorpio  

(October 23 – November 21) 

The only thing that you must do as you begin the week of February 12 is try to be prepared for anything because you may be faced with sudden moments of new awareness and healing that propel you forward. You already have a feeling that there will be dramatic changes this year, but you haven’t quite been able to figure out how to get from where you are to where you are dreaming of being. Although this will impact your romantic life, it’s actually far greater than that and is really about you experiencing more freedom and joy in your life overall.  

The surge of Aquarius energy the week of February 12 highlights your house of home, family, healing, and domestic intimacy. On a long-term scale, this will likely bring about a physical move or relocation, bringing in more love, romance and joy. While profound changes do tend to take some time to manifest, you may be surprised by how things move more quickly this week.

Because it’s occurring quite literally within your home, you may also realize that to have the life and relationship you are dreaming of, you can be open to moving. This can be a big idea to wrap your head around, but you also must remember that when you’re truly breaking a cycle, means you can’t carry pieces of the past into the future.  

While you may be called to act, to put down boundaries or clearly state what it is you need from a relationship in the week ahead — you also need to balance that with observation. Take time and observe the new awareness of healing that surfaces, how others are speaking, and most importantly, how you are feeling. Your home and relationship should be an area of comfort, the one place that, no matter what else happens, allows you to be yourself and feel supported because of that fully. You don’t need to have it all figured out to take a single step, and at this point, any step forward will be better than none.  

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4. Libra  

(September 23 – October 22) 

You may have to be willing to let go of something to truly make the most of the opportunities the week of February 12 brings. Aquarius energy governs your house of marriage, children, joy and even creativity. This represents not just a committed relationship or planning a family but also genuinely being able to enjoy life more.

As you embark on the week ahead, remember that while you must take full advantage of the opportunities that come your way, you also must be mindful you are in the midst of a massive transformation with the Nodes of Fate in your zodiac sign and Aries through this year.  

As the Aquarian energy intensifies in the week of February 12, it’s important to find a balance within yourself before making any decisions. It may be that marriage or a proposal is in the cards for you, but if it feels too fast or like you don’t have all the necessary information, then you also need to be able to honor your needs above trying to make your partner happy. This has been part of the work that you’ve been immersed in, which will let you honor yourself and what you need above, feeling like you are bound to do something for the happiness of others.  

If an offer of commitment comes your way, give yourself time to reflect before making your decision. If you are looking for commitment but aren’t sure if your partner is on the same page, then this is a wonderful time to have some deeper conversations about what you want the future to hold. Any topics around marriage, starting a family or how to have more of the relationship you dream up will arise. Still, it’s up to you to keep your needs centerstage so never again do you end up investing more energy in a connection than your partner.  

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5. Gemini  

(May 21 – June 20) 

It’s time for something new, which is precisely what energizes you the most. You may not need a new partner, but it’s time to start over freshly and excitingly. As an air sign, your head is always buzzing with new ideas and ways to take your relationship to a new level.

Sometimes, it gets overwhelming or that the universe isn’t working to help you manifest your dreams, but as the week of February 12 begins, it’s clear that you are truly set for take-off.  

Aquarian energy rules over your house of luck, abundance, education and travel. In this space, it creates a desire for newness in your relationship as you seek to expand your connection and bring in new elements. You may be preparing to embark on a holiday soon with your partner, which would help instill some of adventure and newness that you are looking for.

But this energy can also help you refocus on implementing more of your dreams into a connection, regardless of whether you are considering becoming business partners or digital nomads so that you can travel the world together. It will all be supported.  

Although you may be looking to take your relationship to new heights, if you happen to be single, this is an incredible time to meet someone and fall in love in a once-in-a-lifetime kind of way. If you’re single, you should allow yourself to book that trip, register for that course or just simply listen to your soul if you feel the nudge to go somewhere out of your daily routine.

With this energy right now, meeting someone with whom you can have an abundant and incredible relationship will be amplified. The goal is to make sure you aren’t the one boxing your relationship or yourself in. Let yourself take a breath and create the space not just for greater love but for more life to be able to bloom in the cracks of what you once thought was impossible.  

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Kate Rose is a writer, spiritual astrologist, relationship and life intuitive counselor, and bespoke retreat curator. For more of her work, visit her website

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